Prof. NIHAN A.Aliev

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"Correct notation can solve many problems." (1966)

List of courses

  1. Qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations.
  2. Boundary layer theory.
  3. Mathematical analysis.
  4. Analytical geometry.
  5. Linear algebra.
  6. Equations of mathematical physics.
  7. Integral equations.
  8. Theory of potential.
  9. Boundary value problem for partial differential equation.
  10. Boundary value problem with non-local and global boundary conditions.
  11. The theory of difference schemas.
  12. Numerical methods for solution of problems of mathematical physics.
  13. Spectral theory.
  14. Asymptotic methods.
  15. Discrete analysis.
  16. Analysis on manifold.
  17. Ordinary differential equations of fractional order and problems of these equations.
  18. Fractional order spaces.
  19. Unordinary analysis.
  20. Multiplicative analysis.
  21. Inverse problems in terms of Tikhonov.
  22. Inverse problems in terms of Stefan.
  23. Discrete additive-multiplicative and multiplicative-additive theory and its problems.
  24. Residue method and method of contour integral.
  25. New mathematics. Operations based on three sequential direct (inverse) actions

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