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"Correct notation can solve many problems." (1966)

About Professor Nihan A. Aliev

Nihan Ali Panah Aliev was born on 22nd of December in 1938 in Baku city of Azerbaijan Republic.

After finishing the Primary school in 1957, entered to Mechanics and Mathematics department of the Azerbaijan State University (ASU) named after S.M.Kirov (presently Baku State University) and finished in 1963.

In the same year became a post-graduate student of the ASU and in 1967 got Ph.D degree in Lvov State University named after Ivano Franko (Lvov, Ukraine). Since then started teacher and scientist activity in Mechanics and Mathematics department of the ASU.

Starting from 1972 year worked as Dosent (assistant professor) of department of Applied mathematics and Cybernetics in ASU.

Worked as Professor in Islamic Republic of Iran in 1993-2006 years.
1993-1996 years - Tarbiati Muallem University of Tabriz
1996-2001 years - Tarbiati Modarres University of Tehran
2001-2006 years - Tarbiati Muallem Azerbaijan University of Tabriz

From 2007 year returned to Azerbaijan and continue to work as Dosent of Applied mathematics and cybernetics department of Baku State University named after M. A. Rasulzadeh.

In 2014 got doctorate degree.

In 2015 became a Professor of Informational Technologies Institute of Baku State University.

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